About Us

We believe that Maths can be demistified through quality teaching and have a passion to make easy maths accessible to all.

Our Story

Around 16 years ago, Stuart saw that students found mark schemes too difficult to understand and believed that students would learn better from model solutions. He also had a passion to help more students around the world.

This was the birth of ExamSolutions, one of the first platforms in the world to provide video tutorials and solutions for mathematics.

We now have over 4000 videos and 100s of exam paper solutions covering topics in GCSE, A level, Further Maths and IB.

Michael was one of the disadvantaged students who benefitted from the ExamSolutions videos, which helped him to achieve straight A's in school and then graduate with a First Class honours degree in Mathematics. 

Michael also had ambitions to give back to students who couldn't afford tuition.   

They both crossed paths in November 2018 at a Maths conference and made a decision to join forces to make ExamSolutions more accessible to students. 

Since they joined forces, ExamSolutions now has millions of students and 1000s of schools using our resources, and has become a preferred tool for Exam Revision. 

Stuart has now retired but still oversees the work we produce. Michael and his new team, continues to keep ExamSolutions as a leading resource for exam revision.

Meet your Course Instructors

A team full of experience


Stuart is the founder of Examsolutions and has 40+ years of experience teaching GCSE, A level and Further Maths.



Mike has 14+ years of  experience teaching GCSE, A level and Further Maths.

He’s a co-author of  SuperSimple Maths GCSE book, published by Dorling Kindersley. 


Jen has 20+ years of experience teaching GCSE and A level Maths.

She currently works with Pearson  and has extensive experience as an Edexcel Examiner.



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What Our Students Have to Say

Thank you so much for all your help over the years.
Your vidoes made a massive difference to my confidence and ability in GCSE, A level and now during my degree. I'll forever point people in the direction of your videos for anything maths related!
From Kent, UK
I just graduated from the University of Warwick with an MSc in Maths and I can't thank you enough for your content it wouldn't have been possible without your videos which helped me tremendously studying Maths and Further Maths A-Level.
From Hull, UK
Thank you so much for your amazing work making maths accessible and so well explained.
From London, UK
I went from knowing little to no maths when I decided to study engineering in my 20's and your videos have been the foundation of my mathematics studies, since starting as an independent student.
From London, UK