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Most frequently asked questions

The courses were created for students at all levels and depending on your level, it should take between 1-2 months to complete. We made our time calculations based on the following: 

▶️ Total watch time for video tutorials

❓ Total time to complete and master the quizzes

🏖️ 3 week holiday period between now and your exams (including easter break and half term)

📓 We know you’ll probably be revising for other subjects!

Our courses have been designed to give you ample understanding in topic areas that will come up in your exam + exam technique to answer exam questions successfully.

So we are confident that once completed, our courses will help you achieve your target grade.


Not for the 2021/22 academic year.

But when we become fully resourced for Furthers Maths in 2022/23, we will be offering this service on the iTutor Platform. 


What Our Students Have to Say

Thank you so much for all your help over the years. Your vidoes made a massive difference to my confidence and ability in GCSE, A level and now during my degree. I'll forever point people in the direction of your videos for anything maths related!
From Kent, UK
I just graduated from the University of Warwick with an MSc in Maths and I can't thank you enough for your content it wouldn't have been possible without your videos which helped me tremendously studying Maths and Further Maths A-Level.
From Hull, UK
Thank you so much for your amazing work making maths accessible and so well explained.
From London, UK
I went from knowing little to no maths when I decided to study engineering in my 20's and your videos have been the foundation of my mathematics studies, since starting as an independent student.
From London, UK