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Welcome to this course produced by ExamSolutions.

This is a course for GCSE Foundation students and covers content required for the Edexcel exam board.

We designed this course to give you deliberate focus on the topics we anticipate will show up in your exams based on previous exams and the details of your course specification.

This course is split into 4 sections:

  • Section 1: Paper 1 (Non Calculator)
  • Section 2: Paper 2 (Calculator)
  • Section 3: Paper 3 (Calculator)
  • Section 4: OVERLAP

Section 4 contains topics that may overlap between different papers in the exams. We’ll tell you which papers to expect these overlaps.

In order to give yourself the best chance of exam success, we recommend you begin the course by revising for paper 1 alongside some of the overlapping topics.


Each section is made up of chapters that contain simple video tutorials to help you understand the topic.

Some of the videos have been created by our friends at Primrose Kitten. 


After each chapter, you can take a quiz to test your understanding and increase your exam confidence.
Our philosophy behind assessments is that practice makes perfect!

Each quiz has approximately 25 questions with INSTANT feedback when you answer questions. The difficulty level of each quiz is divided into 3 awards:
  • Bronze: Level 2-3 graded questions
  • Silver: Level 3-4 graded questions
  • Gold: Level 4-5 graded questions

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